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Ginkgo biloba 1

Ginkgo biloba

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Ginkgo biloba

50/70 cm

pot 3ltr


Resist until 30 °C

Called " Tree in forty ecus " thanks to its luxurious golden yellow autumnal color, the Ginkgo biloba is a magnificent decorative tree in the light green original null and void(obsolete) foliage and in the grey bark nicely cracked. He(it) also carries(wears) fruits with edible almond(kernel).

The Ginkgo biloba appreciates(estimates) an ordinary ground, humifère, normal dry, clayey(flat broke, clayey), sandy. He(it) tolerates the limestone.
He needs an exhibition(exposure) brightened up to obtain a beautiful autumnal color.

Supplier : Orchidee-diffusion

Manufacturer : Orchidee-diffusion

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