CUTTING Monstera deliciosa variegata - 3 leaves

Cutting to root by yourself


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Warning: We do our best to provide you with healthy cuttings and advice for successful cuttings. We cannot be held responsible for the failure of a cutting. Thank you for your understanding.


Here are some indications for a successful cutting:

- Put the tip into the water, make sure that the root(s) present are in contact with the water. The new roots (secondary and tertiary) will emerge from these first roots

- Put the plant in a very bright place

- Change the water every week

- You can put a piece of charcoal in the water to slow down fungal and bacterial growth

- After 1.5 - 2 months, when the roots are well developed, repot in an aerated soil containing peat or coconut fiber, perlite and a little fertilizer (low in nitrogen in order to keep the white parts)

- Be careful not to push the stem too far into the soil because it could rot

- Watering: always slightly damp but not soggy. If the air is dry, you can sometimes spray the leaves

Note: The white parts of the leaves may get black a little. This is a sign of lack of light because the white parts do not photosynthesize and therefore depend on the green parts for their energy. The Monstera variegata therefore needs much more light than the classic Monstera.

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