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Musa basjoo


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Nom  Musa basjoo
Pot (Diamètre) 12cm
Resistance au gel 0°C

Native of China. This banana tree is one of doubtless more rustic. He(it) resists temperatures lower than 12 °C.

The foliage disappears from the first frosts(gels) but the cold does not reach(affect), generally, the heart of the banana tree which remains protected within the feather-grass.

So sheets(leaves) are reborn in climates in cold winter (moderate, continental, etc.) in following spring (at about April, in the north hemisphere). This banana tree behaves thus in a way as a null and void(obsolete) plant under these climates.

Water(Spray) regularly in summer. The growth is very fast, up to a sheet(leaf) a week!

Supplier : Orchidee-diffusion

Manufacturer : Orchidee-diffusion

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