Excessive desire to make the game easier — an additional scourge in the Sims 4. if formerly the cycles sought to turn into a real simulator associated with years, the 4th part, due to all the meetings, becomes a lot more like a vintage sport involving little girls. Heroes no longer must call up a vehicle to access work on occasion — today Ken journeys toward his / her task completely on the Barbie building by simply insisting on an individual press button within the user interface. Job, mother or father, home existence, parties-all this has turn out to be like about bizarre video game, basic, obvious, and even somewhat much like reality. The Sims, with before understandable and also accessible for you to any housewife, in the final part totally ignored just how to help throw the person at the least about obstacle — any chosen goal is attained since fast as is possible, with about not any troubles upon your element. In spite of the reputation associated with "leisure for Housewives", the Sims collections includes always interested "significant" participants: due to the chance to dwell another person else's lifestyle.