Despite being one of the most famous strains in the American continent, Bubba Kush has uncertain origins. Growers postulate that the strain is of Afghani descent because of its bud structure and plant stature, however the strain’s namesake claims that the Kush variant was born around 1996 or 1998.
THC and CBD values.
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Saturday Night Live made references to the controversy on the May 13th episode. In the sketch (shown below), a parody of Donald Trump's May 2017 interview with NBC's Lester Holt, <>] Trump rings a bell, and Paul Ryan delivers "two scoops" of ice cream to him. Great Hybrid, derived from 2 pretty good Hybrid's, White Widow and AK-47. Hits you with a nice head with some geeky energy that can make you too relaxed to do anything about it! A quick wake and bake will get you moving happily to begin the day, and when you return home the happy relaxation helps ease away any stress and readies you for what you need to do to enjoy your evening, and hand and leg pain issues slide on in time to sleep nicely, Love it! Highly recommend so do, ENJOY!