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It is from below, from a dirty dwelling from the European quarter regarding liberty area, that we commence our ascent towards prime. "We're gonna held this particular motherfucking location!", - vocalist Seryoga bawds from the private track"Liberty Area Attack". But we very usually do not cherish the item - all things considered, a BOX is obtained in the apartment building, as well as an unprepared gambler might be transported absent pertaining to a very long time simply by neighborhood parody TV indicates - they become and so amusing. For example, inside program " I'm rich!"the two presenters enviously appreciate the elegancies in the beautiful time involving celeb inside liberty location, at the same time making fun of them with all their may perhaps. "This kind of blonde becomes put on a tiny Chihuahua with her underpants!" the coordinator laughs. "Why give a couple hobbies autos whenever you can find fourteen? Or even 16, as well as of sixteen! That dude can pay for everything!", - contentedly echoes her co-worker. Then we control express a declaration about the parody animated lines "Republican room Rangers" in addition to the highest actuality display " You're a whore!" (on domestic TELLY, for whatever reason, this kind of a challenge became call up " You might be a supermodel!").

Soon after substitute the guides enough, we lastly drop towards street leave: Nico pushes the door start. This really is liberty metropolis. Absolutely no "Heap" displays screen - apartment building after that the interiors regarding partnerships are essential chunks with the capital. A municipality in which lifetimes its very own days. Each and every pedestrian becomes active using own company: a name becomes having purchases through the supermarket, a name is giving up on a cell phone receiver, then an individual becomes slightly resting using a standard along with scan a classifieds. You'll be able to advance a gawking stranger and also he's going to give up the cases about the concrete, in the principal character having a range Knot (during roughly defense, different options Euro Mat). As soon as you go out around the block, anyone reach exactly how impressing the entire world near anyone becomes: the neighborhood are permeated with many little items with every one of which pays attention to the theory associated with physics. The Joy engine operates great: advancing the waste can, we will see the way this gradually reduces, the lid will travel off, as well as the fillings will certainly leak off. This sort of trivial details give the person the enigmatic yearning to be able to explore - seeing that banal the way it can audio, you probably desire to are in liberty location. Rockstar meet a area where you are able to simply just go walking beside the avenues, admiring the restored nyc to the minimum depth, executing entertaining tries things out upon passers-by in addition to ascending on the roofs of firms. In the end, you can hardly disregard the account quest, take a car costlier, generate the air "Vladivostok FM" and tear anywhere about the coast-to match a stunning beautiful sundown.

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